brand foundation, identity and website package

foundational brand positioning document that guides all marketing and corporate communication.  deliverable based on detailed business review and analysis and in-depth competitive landscape, target audience and product research and understanding.  identity/logo and website design and development that clearly reflect the brand foundation.  includes design, information architecture and content strategy, site development and launch.

strategic marketing assessment, strategy and planning package

phase 1: assessment

  • review current brand positioning, marketing strategy, budget, plans and results/metrics
  • review existing customer revenue, profitability and acquisition cost
  • understand the implications of the market trends and competitive landscape on brand positioning, target audience, product and marketing

phase 2: strategy & planning

  • single objective, three strategies
  • plans, measures, calendar, budget

phase 3: execution & optimization

  • implement plan
  • measure effectiveness
  • recommend adjustments
  • start again

corporate communications package

initiate or revamp corporate communications program to ensure clear, consistent and open communication across the organization at all levels.

  • agenda and template for monthly/quarterly company meetings
  • template for monthly company email

“the caffeinate report”

development and execution of an industry-specific snapshot covering market, competitive and company trends and implications as well as relevant perspective from other industries that may inform strategy and marketing.  delivered as a monthly email and quarterly presentation.

 a la carte

acting CMO, responsible for marketing strategy, planning and implementation based on client-designated priority areas

strategy and implementation for web and print-based advertising, video campaigns, email campaigns, direct mail, brochures, demos and presentations (investor, partner, internal or client), seo, sem, social media, public relations and award submissions

corporate lead generation and conversion initiatives based on refining the target audience, understanding competitive benchmarks and testing messaging, mediums, conversion rates and spending levels

resource planning and identification for marketing, design, development and public relations resources via rfp development and leadership or recruiting

opportunity identification via market research, competitive analysis and internal metric measurement

custom engagements based on specific needs